There’s a Ninja in my kitchen and I’m calling him Samurai Jack

Yesterday morning I was making the boys smoothies for breakfast and my blender decided it was only going to do about 1/3 of the job.   Kinda like our Congress.    Great, what do I do with a milky substance with chunks of frozen banana and chocolate?  I struggled with the blender and convinced it to work a little more.   Too bad we can’t do that with Congress.  They seem content with just pushing out some bills but avoiding the chunks and calling it a complete job.

So, I convinced sons #3 and #4 that it was a chunky style smoothie. Maybe I could have a career in politics! I don’t think they even cared to be quite honest, because hey it was chocolaty!  Chocolate coat anything and someone will eat it.  Again, much like our Congress.  I decided that the Osterizer blender needed an upgrade.   A trip to Target helped me achieve that and a Ninja professional series blender (aka Samuari Jack) now proudly sits on my counter.  Too bad Congressmen and women upgrades aren’t as easy or fruitful.  Pun intended.

Samurai Jack looks fierce!  I swear I think it could blend up a 2×4 into sawdust.  I put Samurai Jack to the test and made smoothies yesterday afternoon.  “That’s all you got?”  Samurai Jack seemed to be saying as he quickly assaulted the frozen strawberries and bananas. I can’t wait to try mixing some “adult drinks” in this machine.  I saw a recipe on Pinterest some time ago to use lime sherbet, Tequila, and ice for a quick and easy Lime Margarita.

There is a  whole board on Pinterest for Margaritas.  So many to choose from!  Samurai Jack is going to be busy when the weather warms up.  Wait!  It’s near 80 today.  Hmmm….


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