Food sensitivity testing results are in.

I suspected for a long time that I was reactive to dairy. For several years I have had (undiagnosed) IBS-D. Being an RN, I have seen how quickly polypharmacy happens. So, I just dealt with this daily inconvenience.

Until the issues with my foot and the continued inflammation that was happening. I decided to take a step back and try to help my body heal itself. So, I eliminated some foods from my diet, dairy and gluten were on top of the list. I had already cut out processed foods and ate organic as often as possible. I have also been transitioning to pescatarian. I hope to make that complete change in January.

I had food sensitivity testing done and I found out that I am sensitive to dairy (except yogurt), yeast, gluten, and several others foods. Three that sadden me are clams, crab, and lobster. There goes several options on my pescatarian plan. 😯

With this new info about myself, I will be digging further into coming up with and finding recipes that are dairy and gluten free. Look for a vegan burrito recipe to be posted soon.

Happy healthy eating and healing!